Rochester ny local news

Are you new to the Rochester area? Do you wish to learn more about Rochester? Rochester radio stations can teach you everything the city has to offer. From news to music to commercials, Rochester radio can show you the texture of the area, what we value, and what we hope to achieve as a community.

Rochester radio has a diverse FM and AM radio offering. On the FM side, Rochester radio has a wide variety of stations. You will notice quickly that there is only one country radio station, and one lonely Gospel station here. The other radio stations that are here are at least two top 40 stations, an oldies station, a major soft rock station, and several more. There is even a jazz station which plays German pop music every Saturday.

For those who prefer AM broadcasts, Rochester radio still has plenty of offerings. Most AM radio covers Rochester NY local news. One radio station is a sister station to a TV station, and they share the same news room and weather team. Another Rochester radio station is public, using a local reporting team with an international web of public radio correspondents. This station is member supported, so it has no commercials.

Which brings me to the local commercials here. I feel you can learn a lot from them. For instance, have you ever noticed Rochester radio has more tanning commercials in the winter? We are not a vain people, but the city is always cloudy. Tanning helps people feel better. Needless to say, you can learn other factoids through commercials.

Rochester NY radio stations are a great way to learn about your new community. Our news, our tastes and our consumer habits are on display for you. So if you do want to learn more about the community, just tune in and see what there is to offer.