Internet radio rochester ny

Did you know that as many as 95% of Americans listen to the radio every week? People count on the radio to improve their moods, and to keep them energized during a long day at work. Far from dying out, radio is evolving, and adapting, to the digital age. Today, listeners can tune in on traditional receivers, on their computers or laptops, or stream music through their phone with convenient, easy-to-download applications. What are the top reasons people continue to tune in, and what are the new options available, especially in Rochester, NY?

Why Should You Turn on the Radio?

People listen to the radio for a number of different reasons. Some of the most popular are an improved mood and for necessary energy boosts. In a 2013 Jacobs Media survey, 40% of Americans and Canadians insisted that the radio makes them happier, and another 41% said they preferred working while tuned into one of their favorite stations. Whether you listen to the best old time radio shows, or some of the best sports radio shows, 8 out of 10 respondents, in the same Jacobs Media study, said they listened to the radio, especially talk radio, for a sense of companionship.

Rochester radio stations offer variety, and the same mood, and energy, boosting potential. A 2008 report in the Journal of Music Therapy found that college students had more energy when they listened to upbeat, loud music. Singing along can further increase energy levels, although it may not be practical at the gym, or in the office.

What Are Your New Listening Options?

When listening to internet radio Rochester NY locals have options. Thanks to the internet, Rochester residents, and just about everyone, can create radio stations. Radio stations can be tailored to a particular artist, genre, or song. Residents can listen to their favorite local stations, or some services offer exclusive, rare content like old-time classic radio shows. Listeners can tune into stations of any political leaning, whether it be NPR, or Fox news. Certain services even offer book radio, which involves several hours, or episodic segments, of audio books.

Radio is a classic favorite worldwide. Now, Americans, including Rochester, NY residents, can listen to the radio in an increasing number of ways. When tuning into internet radio Rochester NY locals can choose from artists and genres, local stations, exclusive, specialized content, and more.