Basement waterproofing is something home owners must do whenever there’s cracks in the foundation. You can watch the following video to discover more details about this issue. Here are three common reasons for basement water damage that you may not be aware of:
1. Leaky pipes

Water pipes within the house walls may leak for many years in silence, leading to flooding into the foundation. It is important to note that the signs of leakage might not show up on the walls, but one can notice mold and mildew growth. In the event of basement water leakage homeowners should consider calling a waterproofing firm to repair the basement.

2. Appliances can create condensation

The moment warm air from devices such as furnaces or refrigerators, hits the cool concrete of the base, it may create condensation, which then seeps through the concrete, and can eventually cause the concrete to crack and then leaks.

3. Poorly-installed windows

Cracks on windows may also create leaks in basements especially if they’re not professionally caulked or sealed before installation. This is especially evident in older homes where windows were installed before modern sealants became available. Contact home for more details!