It is important to consider the issues with finances in divorce, e.g., financial disclosure, alimony, child support or asset division as well as restraint orders that prohibit one spouse from moving assets prior to divorce or even after. In this video one of the family law attorneys will provide you with a list questions to ask prior to engaging a divorce lawyer. It is important to determine if the attorney specializes in family and whether they’ve dealt with the majority of these cases. The experience is the key to an effective outcome.

Also, make sure you know the billing rate and increments. To ensure that you are not surprised, ask for a detailed breakdown of the cost prior to signing any contract. Find out the next step is to find out the legal strategies they have. People prefer to remain firm, but still sympathetic. However, a lawyer who is capable of taking an aggressive approach needs to be prepared to handle it. Determine if any other staff members are available, and also how experienced they are. A paralegal and one lawyer isn’t enough. Cases that are complex can be helped by more experts. Finally, be sure that your lawyer is reliable in his communication, is open to suggestions, and has a good rapport with the client. This is a difficult time which is why the right support is essential.