working as driving commercially. The exam includes several parts of a vision test and a blood test for HIV and various other ailments. Check out the video below for further details.

The DOT physical exam is mandatory for all drivers who plan to operate their vehicles in public roadways or highways. One must undergo this test in order to apply for their commercial driver’s permit (CDL). This ensures that your health is sufficient to drive safely. There are many components that make up the DOT physical examination, including those:

Vision test – This portion of the exam checks one’s eyesight to make sure it meets federal standards. The eyes of both eyes are expected to be 20/40 and 20/70, whether wearing contacts or glasses. Vision clarity is required by any person who wears contact lenses or glasses. The exam is passed and examiners give instructions on how frequently the candidate must take DOT tests. Tests of blood – Examiners will take blood samples from the blood of your patient to check for HIV antibodies, in addition to other factors. For more information, call your home! zphjzal4vy.