It is likely that you’ll require x-rays one point or another in your lifetime. However, how do they function? Take a look at the scientific principles that underlies these x-rays.

Concerning Reality describes how an engineer named Wilhelm Roentgen accidentally discovered xray technology. In the course of testing electron beams Roentgen saw that a monitor in his lab was turning green, even though it was hidden behind the cardboard. If he put his hands on the screen, he saw his hands’ bones show up.

Medical professionals have created this technology to be an essential part of their daily work. It helps identify various diseases we normally wouldn’t be able to detect.

The electrons that move through an atom create radiation called X-rays. When a photon strikes an atom’s electrons, it will absorb them. Everybody’s skin and bone contain atoms. However the bones are the sole thing that can take in the radiation.

A machine that emits photons into the room at the time of an imaging. As they travel to your skin, they’ll be able examine your bones.