one who are facing rising cost of health care due to this condition (which can cause depression) one, then they need to be eligible to apply.
Covered Medicine

A covered medicine is a prescription medication that is covered by a patient’s health plan. HealthWell’s website lists covered medicines. HealthWell website lists covered medicines which include generic and brand names as well as disease states and classes of drugs.

How do I Apply

You will need to fill out an application form if you have the eligibility criteria for financial aid from HealthWell Foundation. First, you will need to complete the online application. Caregiver or patient can download the patient or caregiver agreement. The document outlines how the Foundation can use the information you provide, what it will use it for, as well as your fundamental rights as a patient or caregiver. The patient is required to provide information through printing out the form. Once completed, the patient can sign the application and submit the required documentation. The Foundation will maintain the details of your HealthWell account. The application process is via telephone, mail or fax.

HealthWell makes sure patients receive the care they require without worrying about how to pay for it. HealthWell Foundation HealthWell Foundation is a great charity that has assisted people to receive medical attention. They’d appreciate your help through a donation to their mission. Contact us to find out more about the mission of our organisation and ways to collaborate.