None of the medications covered under insurance. However, some patients might still need assistance to pay for their medication.
What the HealthWell Foundation Operates

It’s devastating when people can’t pay for the care they require for a healthier life. HealthWell Foundation aims to improve people’s health and the well-being of their families. It offers essential medical assistance such as helping patients with chronic illnesses receive the care they need, cardiac rehabilitation and emergency surgeries, as well as free testing for blood pressure, access to an ear doctor, and various other preventive measures. HealthWell Foundation HealthWell Foundation donates medical supplies including equipment, medications, and other medical supplies to clinics and hospitals around the world to help patients get life-saving medical treatment. Through its existence, HealthWell Foundation has achieved these goals:

The Portfolio is currently managed

HealthWell Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c) which has raised over $2.7 billion in order to provide free health services to the poorest areas in the United States. HealthWell Foundation has raised $2.7 billion to provide the healthcare of 727,000 patients for free. Through its Disease Funds, the Foundation has granted grants that total more than 818 million dollars. The management of the Foundation includes an Independent Board of Directors that are experts in many disciplines, like clinical practice and research, healthcare administration, patient advocacy, health law, as well as many other areas.

Financial assistance for the patients

Health care costs continue to rise each year, making medical care more costly. HealthWell Foundation offers financial aid to those who are not covered and cannot pay for their treatment. The goal is to assist patients in need get the needed medical treatments. HealthWell Foundation provides financial assistance to pay bills and transport costs as well as helping with lodging. They also help people with additional expenses such as food or clothing. The Foundation relies on donations from corporate and private individuals to pay for its p