Every guest at your wedding will add to costs for the wedding. As strict as this sounds one of the elements of your wedding planning checklist includes having a guestlist, and potentially parring it down if it seems too large. Typically, the average cost per person for catering at a wedding is between $50 and $150.

There are several ways to simplify your guest list. A lot of people do not invite their coworkers in the event that they’re intimate friends outside of work to their wedding. It is also a good idea to think about whether your family members should be invited along with you. Some people find it much simpler to have fun on the wedding day if they have a smaller guests list, and an intimate celebration. There is a chance to make the entire task less stressful by not relying on your wedding day preparation checklist however, you limit your guest list to fewer than 100 people. In today’s world there is a common practice that some couples set a minimum age limit in their wedding ceremonies. Although you might not be averse to having young children at your wedding, not everyone is of this opinion. There’s no requirement to invite someone to your wedding you do not like.

6. Select Your Wedding Day

It is essential to ensure that part of your wedding day preparation checklist involves choosing a wedding party and, naturally. While a wedding reception may not be necessary to have a memorable day Most brides and grooms feel it helps them to enjoy the occasion. Wedding parties can be there to offer emotional support. You can trust them to make sure that you’re relaxed about your wedding , and provide emotional assistance if you need it.

For some brides and grooms There can be a certain amount of stress when choosing your wedding party in th