Assisted living

Aging Americans agree. Independent senior living is the most preferable option. An overwhelming 80% of surveyed seniors wish to remain as independent as possible and do not want to live out their final years in an assisted living home, the American Association of Retired Persons reveals. Even so, many worry that injuries and deteriorating health may interfere with desired freedoms.

Luckily, today’s seniors have options. Seniors can choose to live in independent senior living communities, or housing specifically for the elderly, and enjoy life pretty much as it’s always been.

What to Expect From Independent Living Communities

Independent living for seniors offers considerable freedoms. Unlike living in a senior home, most residents are welcome to come and go as they please. Seniors own individual units, and most allow visitors at any time.

Even so, many seniors question the practicality of independent communities — and with good reason. According to AARP, 31% worry that deteriorating health may necessitate living in an assisted nursing home. Another 25% anticipate having difficulty moving around on their own. Independent communities, however, address these concerns. In addition to independence and personal apartments, seniors can also expect round-the-clock emergency care, medical assistance, transportation, laundry and housekeeping services, groundskeeping, and, in some cases, pre-prepared meals. Independent senior living communities typically house group activities, clubs, and/or fitness and gardening classes.

Finding a Local Independent Senior Living Home

Seniors, however, should carefully look for homes or apartments with accommodations that will make getting around — and completely day-to-day activities — as simple as possible. The AARP recommends looking for homes with no-slip flooring, wide doorways (for wheelchair access if and when necessary), handheld shower heads and reinforced handles in the shower or tub, and appliances with automatic turn-off timers.

Don’t let loved ones get worked up about the aging process. Consider finding independent living options for seniors. Continue reading here.