Rochester ny local news

Rochester New York is internationally renowned for its vibrant arts community. Movie lovers are especially grateful to live in Rochester NY. Six nights out of the week, they can watch classic and contemporary masterpieces at the George Eastman House, an internationally renowned film archive which has preserved millions of rare and fragile silent films. These movie lovers can also attend movies at the Little Theater in downtown Rochester. The Little Theater was first opened in the 1920s, and today, it is one of the oldest continually operating movie theaters in the United States. The best part about the Little Theater for many movie lovers is that it is very affordable; it is often much cheaper than attending a movie screening at a local multiplex. Finally, movie lovers often appreciate the fact that Rochester frequently hosts international film festivals which showcase local and international films; many of these festivals often screen movies at the Eastman House and the Little Theater. Regardless, local Rochester NY radio stations which announce Rochester NY local news often inform Rochester residents about exciting screenings and festivals; oftentimes, these Rochester NY radio stations interview filmmakers on Rochester radio stations programs; these Rochester NY radio stations also give away free tickets on occasion.

Movie lovers are not the only people who benefit from the vibrant cultural scene in Rochester. Theater lovers also appreciate the fact that Rochester contains numerous amateur and professional theater groups who perform everything from Shakespeare classics to modern experimental performance pieces. Some of these groups even perform outdoors. As with the movies, Rochester NY radio stations often advertise these events, and sometimes, these Rochester NY radio stations give away free tickets to lucky callers. It would seem that somebody who works at these Rochester ny radio stations wants to encourage residents to patronize the arts.

Music lovers also benefit from Rochester’s vibrant cultural scene. Rochester hosts many musical festivals throughout the year. Some of the musical festivals are rather small, such as the Jazz Festival, which showcases local and international jazz artists. Others are considerably larger. Furthermore, many local bands perform in Rochester bars, nightclubs, grills, and other venues, whereas larger acts sometimes perform in the Blue Cross Arena which is located in downtown Rochester. Once again, Rochester NY radio stations often give away free tickets to these performances. Rochester NY radio stations also advertise these performances, and sometimes these Rochester NY radio stations even play their CDs on the radio.

Finally, painters and sculptors often attend exhibitions which are held throughout Rochester. The most obvious venue for painters and sculptors is the Memorial Art Gallery, but many other venues showcase local talent, including the annual Lilac Festival, at which many painters sell their work.