In order to ensure the safety of others They will place themselves into difficult situations. This video shows that there is a potentially danger as the police were called in to take care of a woman with a knife inside a Florida Walmart. Watch the video to learn what transpires next.

Police officers will always try they can calm the situation before they turn into potentially violent situation. The female in the video appears to have no problem about the situation. She was just staring at the officer who asked her to take the knife off. This choice created a very hazardous situation for police and the others. At any moment, the woman could make an unpredictably bad decision and decide to stab an individual or herself. He had to be quick. Once his backup arrived, the female was in a state of distraction for only a short moment. The officer then quickly removed his Taser pistol and shot. The woman quickly slumped to the ground after being hit by the Taser. The officers were able to safely handcuff the woman so they could ensure she didn’t injure anyone. When she’s granted bail, the officers may suggest bail bond services.