The Bronze plans provide the lowest cost per month but the greatest out-of-pocket expenditures should you need medical care. The deductibles for these plans are very excessive. This means that you’ll be required to spend much if you need care until your deductible is reached.

The Silver-based plans come with affordable monthly costs and no out of pocket charges when you purchase services. If you want to qualify for cost-sharing decreases (a federal tax subsidy) You must join Silver plans. Therefore, Silver plans are the best and most economical option for many.

Gold This plan comes with more expensive monthly costs, however the plan has fewer out of pocket expenses. The deductions typically are lower than the ones found in Bronze and Silver plans.

Platinum plans have the highest cost per month, however they have the lowest servicing cost. There are usually low deductions, so if you’re willing and are able to spend more each month, you’ll be able to cover the majority of your expenses.

Average cost of public insurance