Completely transform the look of a room. The addition of a splash of color could give any art space new life. A black and dark colored rug will make any gaming room extra contemporary. Area rugs are one of the easiest objects to put in an area with no installations necessary. It is possible that you are tired of your decor room. Rugs for living rooms require occasional replacement and what better time to get the new rug you’ve always wanted than at the time of spring cleaning? The video below showcases the most popular models this year for living room area rugs.

Many of the anticipated top-selling products this year stand out not in their colors, rather for their softness, balance, and awesome toughness. Like the gorilla grip faux-chinchilla rugs provide an even and comfortable flooring surface, which is perfect to play on. Most of these rugs come with support points, which ensures that your rug doesn’t slide when it is placed on floors that are hardwood. The Lochas ultra-soft rug offers the softest feel on this list, while also being VCU-friendly!