Being kind to old ladies. That’s usually the case. However, you don’t want to discover the side that granny has. The video below will demonstrate what happens to burglars who end up getting more than they expected when granny turns up. They will need solid bail bonds, and you’ll be able to trust them.

This burglary takes place in Tacoma, Washington. The burglars broke into a house that they think was empty during the day. They’re very mistaken. The burglars search the house and come across nothing other than a purse that just has $20 in it and a small earrings in it. In their haste one of them smashes a decorative piece which awakes granny. Granny runs down the hallway. Granny starts yelling at the burglars, while she quickly leaves. It’s the first time that they’ve seen an identical one. She seemed unflinching. Thanks to granny and the security cameras, which recorded the entire incident, these criminals may be discovered and caught. This is a great lesson for them to not infiltrate homes, particularly homes with a sleeping mother.