Tenant Application Process

You can apply to apply for Housing Choice Vouchers as a tenant. The first step requires you to call your local housing authority to request an application. After completing the application it is necessary to send it to your housing authority with the required documents. The housing authority reviews your application and determines if you’re eligible for rent assistance. The housing authority will then accept the application and will issue an authorization to make use of to rent a qualified apartment.

The Waitlist

It’s a long and complicated process to be onto the Housing Choice Vouchers waitlist. There are many people waiting for long periods of time in waiting their turn to be approved for housing or rental aid. Sometimes the process may seem unfair, as those most in need of housing assistance most could wait the longest to be approved. The result could be that they have a disheartening or frustrating experiences for those trying to survive.

Direct Payment to Landlord

One of the advantages of this HCV program is that it allows tenants to direct transfer payments to their landlords. This provides peace of mind for both tenants and landlords since it makes sure that rent is paid in dates and at the exact amount each month. It also helps to build an excellent relationship between both parties since landlords can be confident that they will get their rent and tenants are assured their rent is covered.

Section 8 Rental Process

The rental procedure in section 8 includes the government providing cash assistance to the poor renter. HUD is the Department of Housing and Development. Participating landlords are required to make payments from HUD for tenants. Participants must have a minimum income of $15,000 and agree to a 1-year lease.

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