Rochester art club

It is time to visit Rochester, and you have nearly unlimited options for different events in Rochester NY this weekend. Whether you are looking for tourist attractions, a bit of culture or want to spend some time outside, there is all kinds of Rochester info available that covers food in Rochester, Rochester art fairs, and everything in between.

When you first tour Rochester, you probably want to hit a lot of the major tourist attractions. The downtown is dominated by an interesting feature, the Highfalls waterfall that deserves a stop to see in person. For those wanting a less urban take on Rochester info and locations, you can see the Finger Lakes, the wine trail and venture out to other sites all around the area.

For the music lover, there is the Rochester Academy of Music at the Eastman Center. In fact no musical tour would be incomplete without a stop to hear one of the famous ensembles. Located nearby is the famous George Eastman house, home to a vast collection of photographic memorabilia. The museum has in depth exhibits looking at the photographic process, styles and time periods, and some of the popular culture associated with it. Not only can you see the exhibits, but they also feature significant movie events.

Your visit would not be complete without spending time among the Rochester Public Market vendors. It is probably best known for being around for so long, but it is also known as a prominent flower market. Nearby, foodies have the advantage of being able to sample gourmet meals from some of the highest ranked restaurants and from chefs featuring their spin on fresh, local fare. Whether you are looking for regal, sit down meals at some of the classiest spots, or the little hidden gems across the area, the area is a food lovers city. In addition you can sample various wines from the region.

No matter what interests you have, there is ample Rochester info that can point you in the right direction. Plus, the Rochester festivals and events are available throughout the seasons.