Ions, single replacements, and double replacement are the five primary types of chemical reactions. The ability to categorize reactions by analysing its products as well as reactants. There can be a variety of reactions. Synthesis reactions occur when two or more compounds react to form a single new compound. Synthesis reactions are also combination reactions.

A decomposition reaction occurs when a compound is broken down into two or more simple molecules. The majority of decomposition reactions need some form of energy, in the form heat or electricity. The single-replacement reaction occurs when one element replaces another within a compound. In this process, element A is replaced by element B, being a metallic part. The double-replacement process occurs in which the positive and negative ions from two different ions are exchanged, resulting in the formation of two new substance. A compound that reacts to oxygen and releases heat or light, it is called a combustion reaction. A combustion reaction requires O2 to be present in the chemical reaction tank. t6xhhdgqr9.