Flooring made of wood is constructed from synthetic or natural wood. Natural wood is referred to as solid woodand is composed of solid planks. Engineered synthetic lumber is constructed using multiple layers of wood or wood products in order to produce the planks.

A Guide to Hardwood Floors

They’re extremely durable. Bamboo and oak are among the most well-known options. Solid wood floors can be painted regularly. The price for hardwood floors differs primarily based on the species and thickness of wooden planks.

All hardwood flooring requires a good level of care and regular maintenance. Make use of steam and wet mops only sparingly. All spills must be cleaned promptly. Do not use abrasive cleaning products.

Hardwood flooring does not have to match. There is a possibility of using a mixture of engineered and solid wood, depending upon the area of the floor and the footfall.

Flooring made of hardwood is an excellent choice to invest in because they’ll never be out of fashion. You can choose the wood species as well as the pattern, color, and pattern you like the most.