Rochester Has Great Stations for Every Listener

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According to 2012 statistics from Arbitron, around 93 percent of Americans over the age of 12 actually listen to traditional broadcast radio at least once a week. This number might seem surprising, especially when considering the massive amount of online media options that people have to choose from. But the fact that the number is so high, and in the year before the study, more than 600,000 more people began listening, there is still a place for radio broadcasts. Perhaps that is because of the fact that, in most cities, there are lots of different stations. That holds true in Upstate NY, where there are many radio stations Rochester NY residents can choose from, no matter what type of music they like.

One of the most popular Rochester radio stations might be a surprise. When people who are not from th


Rochester Radio Rules!

Rochester ny radio stations

You can watch TV, you can surf the web, you can spend an hour on Facebook. But sometimes, some days… you just need to rock out to the radio. And Rochester radio stations have you covered.

Longing for some classic rock? WCMF delivers the good, bringing you the greatest songs from the epic bands of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Fill your ears with power ballads, screaming guitar solos, and more mullets than you can shake a groupie at. Headbang to the hits and air guitar your arms off.

In the mood for classical? Head down the dial to WXXI, one of the few remaining full time public radio stations in America. Sooth your soul with works from the Renaissance to the Romantic and everywhere in between. You can also stay informed on global events, catch up on the latest Rochester NY local news, or hear the ne