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Find Just the Rochester Radio Station You Were Looking For

Rochester fm radio stations

If you are new to the area, you might not be interested in scanning the radio endlessly to try and find the Rochester NY radio stations that interest you. It is much easier to find the Rochester FM radio stations to save on your car radio if you have an idea of what is out there in the first place. So before you go sit in your car and scan through each station one at a time, here are some of the Rochester FM radio stations that you are going to find and can jump straight to if their genre interests you.

  • Religious Radio
  • WFRW, 88.1
    WCOU, 88.3
    WCIY, 88.9
    WMHN, 89.3

  • College Radio
  • WRUR, 88.5
    WITR, 89.7
    WGCC, 90.7
    WBSU, 89.1

  • Mostly Music
  • WPXY, 97.9
    WBBF, 93.3
    WBZA, 98.9

If talk radio shows are more along your interests, then you will want to check the AM freque